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Anne Bisagno: Owner, Xantrion

I have worked with Jeff and his team for the past 9 months. They are easy to work with, very responsive and knowledgeable. Frankly, they are the best recruiters I have ever worked with, and I have worked with many over the years. They helped me find 7 team members in the last 3 months in the super competitive Bay Area tech market. I highly recommend Jeff and his team.

David Norris: President, LendingTree

I am happy to recommend an outstanding individual, Jeff Daspit, for any Recruitment position. Jeff demonstrates a strong work ethic, sound moral reasoning, and overall impeccable character. I have no doubt that he would make a valuable addition to any organization.

Thomas Michael: CEO, Michael Management

We hired Fluid Intelligence to find talented sales professionals and they delivered several great candidates within a matter of a week or two. They are fast, professional and know what they are doing. We’ll keep working with Fluid Intelligence and so should you.

Jill Maguire-Ward: Chief People Person, General Assembly

 "Fluid Intelligence has helped us with a variety of roles. They’re responsive 24×7 and work extremely hard. Our team loves working with them." 

Eric Wan Management Consultant, Strong Bridge LLC

"It is my pleasure working with Jeff. I would describe him as detailed, proactive, and friendly. He always knows the next steps and his ability to find high caliber candidates saves me from many unnecessary interviews. Thanks Jeff!" 

Les Smith Technical, Lending Tree

"Jeff is an excellent recruiter. He is very honest and well organized. I was impressed with his attention to detail and care in doing follow-up." 

Davrick Lyles: Recruiting Manager, Logic 20/20

"Jeff is an outstanding recruiter, he has helped us at Logic2020 with recruiting needs in the areas of Technology and Business consulting. I would highly recommend Jeff as a resource for your recruiting needs." 

Tim Blank: Client Director Logic 20/20, TechSource

"Jeff worked with me in a recruiting capacity; during which time he was able to distill our business role requirements down to their empirical properties and identify candidates that were a good fit; but whom wouldn’t always seem to be on paper alone. Because of Jeff, we were able to find the right resources at the right times to sustain our business and operational needs." 

Daniel Bigbee: President, Capability IT

Jeff is a gifted technical recruiter who builds relationships with both clients and consultants immediately. He consistently surpassed expectations in both the number of submittals and the quality of professionals being submitted. If you need a good recruiter, I recommend Jeff for the job.