Frankly, they are the best recruiters I have ever worked with, and I have worked with many over the years. They helped me find 7 team members in the last 3 months in the super competitive Bay Area tech market. I highly recommend Jeff and his team. 

 - Anne Bisagno, Owner, Xantrion: I.T. 

Fluid Intelligence does a great job finding highly qualified candidates. They take the time, and do the research, to understand the client and positions they are recruiting for. And they work with candidates to understand their skills and experience relevant to the position. Fluid Intelligence is savvy in state-of-the-art sourcing methods and utilizes every avenue to find the right fit. 

- Kandyce Adams, Senior Account Manager; Client Relations, TechSource 

Jeff Daspit is a technical recruiting rock star. I’ve worked with great recruiters at Microsoft, Yahoo, Myspace and beyond and Jeff outshines them all. 

-  Korby Parnell, Project Manager, Logic20/20 

Our approach leans on a blend of industry insight, expertise, and a continuous hunger to develop innovative candidate search strategies.

In addition to our recruiting services, clients receive access to our flagship applicant tracking system, FISoft. Our platform provides an on-demand turn-key recruiting solution for any size or scope with zero ramp time.

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